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I make a lot of my own jewelry. As of late it’s been simple stuff like fixing a chain or stringing a charm. But I know how to make (and have done so) chainmail, lots of different seed bead designs, loom working and even some metal working. It’s just a hobby. I never make anything to sell. But it’s fun and creative and I’ve been doing it since I was 10 or so and made a pair of paperclip earrings everyone at school made fun of me for. It upset me at the time but I just choose to think I was ahead of the curve. Anyhow…

I stumbled upon this some months back:

From Shopbop via Pinterest

And I fell in love with it. So much so that I wanted it for my wedding instead of a tiara or anything else on top. But at $130 no way, no how. It’s actually very easy to make so I just made my own (though I didn’t space it well or adjust it enough for the photo – sorry about that!).

DIY Rhinestone Headband

What you need:
Rhinestone cup chain (I found mine at Walmart and at Michael’s)
Cup chain connectors (mine came with the cup chain)
A thin elastic hair band or headband
Jump rings
Multistrand tab clasp with the clasp (hook & eye plus all jump rings) removed
Pliers (specialty or needle-nose)

DIY Rhinestone Headband

1. Determine the length of the cup chain you need and cut to that length
2. Attach the cup chain connector to each end of the length of chain
3. Using a jump ring (or 2 just to be safe and secure) attach the connector to a spot on the multistrand clasp
4. Attach all the strands to one multistrand clasp
5. Attach each strand in order to the other connector making sure not to cross your chains or connect out of order
6. Cut the elastic hair band and secure a tight knot on the end of the clasp
7. Adjust length accordingly and tie to the other clasp end, making sure that everything is straight
8. Adjust and trim excess

DIY Rhinestone Headband

See! So very easy!! And way cheaper than $130 – mine cost $14 total. I think it is going to look fabulous on my wedding day!

And for some reason when coming up with this headline I started singing Rhinestone Cowboy in my head! :D

I thought about linking Glen Campbell but WHY? when I can link the Hoff instead!!

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