Everybody Everywear: Colored Tights

Well my right carpal tunnel release went perfectly smooth yesterday though I am in so much freaking pain! And since I’m right handed I’m having trouble being on a computer. I can be on my iPhone just fine but being on a computer is awkward.  So posts may get a bit thin on language (though I did prepare a number of posts where I won’t have to add much before publishing).

In hindsight I should have stuck a belt on this outfit. Maybe a scarf too. Oh well. But I did learn one thing from this: I HATE THESE TIGHTS! It’s not that they are sweater tights, that isn’t the issue (matter of fact very warm and I liked that part of it), it’s that they weren’t tall enough (may have been how I adjusted them, I don’t know till I try again) and they FELL OFF half way through my pictures. Just slid right off. I waddled into my apartment with them around my knees. Really? Now I know I will have no choice but to wear Spanx over these if I want to wear them. Pain in the ass I tell you. Pardon my language. Being sweater tights though…well I just may wear more skirts in the winter if I can get some of these that actually fit okay. I always stick with the jeans because I get cold easy. But maybe with these that won’t be the case. I do think I may order a few pairs (or will request a few pairs for Christmas!) of colored tights from We Love Colors though. Last year I was not brave enough to try all the color – not so anymore!! And I keep buying skirts & dresses to wear.

Oh and like the boots? I went to Avenue to get colored tights once I knew what the EBEW challenge was going to be and these just jumped into my arms and out the door. Exactly like what I have been searching for.


Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Dark Gray sweater coat: Lane Bryant (Dec 2010)
Reddish-Purple Sweater Tights: Avenue (November 2011)
Lace up heeled tan leather boots with fold over tops: Avenue (November 2011)
Art Deco crystal shoe clip style necklace: Forever 21 (Sept 2011)



Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights

10 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Colored Tights

  1. I’m sorry to tell you, but I laughed out loud with the image of you waddling inside with tights around your knees. I sometimes have this problem too. Mine don’t fall all the way down, but they do slide uncomfortably low. I found that I just have to be really careful when I put them on and make sure I am pulling them up far enough. A few adjustments as I use the restroom throughout the day, and I’m fine. Happy to hear that you’re going to keep trying, they look cute!


    • That’s all right – my fiance has you covered! He took one look at me and almost started rolling on the floor! I am definitely going to keep trying…jeans are so boring!


  2. Too bad about the tights! They look great with the turquoise, so maybe if you can find another pair the same color…?

    And those boots are seriously awesome.


    • That’s what I’m thinking I’ll do – this color is fabulous and matches a lot of my clothes so probably We Love Colors – at least I know I’m getting quality there!

      And thank you! I agree that the boots are too cool!


    • Thank you! Yeah the tights pissed me off something hardcore – I’m STILL irritated that I wasted money on them and now have to find replacements. Oh well!


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