Bam! Pretty Shoes!

Wanna see some pretty shoes?


BAM! These are my wedding shoes and to say that I love them is more than an understatement.

This is where you say…

um…but Missy aren’t you getting married in Las Vegas? Like the capital of “everything looks so much closer than it is and you end up walking way more than you thought?” Not to mention all the walking due to it just being a wedding?

To which I respond with…

Why yes, you are 100% correct. However I also will be packing some cute little flats or sandals so that I can actually walk. These are for the ceremony and the photos and that’s it. I can however walk in them no problem just not a marathon! And I fully intend to have a few photos of me barefoot anyway. No I don’t care what may be on the ground. I’m a barefoot kinda girl!

Your response then is…

Missy you’re a genius.

Why thank you, yes I am. Wanna see another?


My main complaint with these is that the strap was so freaking short! It was absurd! Basically when I had it buckled it ran through the middle of my shoe. No human foot could get in there. BS I tell you. I took them to my local cobbler who adding elastic to the buckles extending the strap length and VOILA totally wearable (you see the brown elastic up above in the top photo). Awesome right? And I recall Amazon saying these are blue on the website…do they look blue to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I still love them!

4 thoughts on “Bam! Pretty Shoes!

    • Oh yes they are fantastic! I wish I could wear them for the wedding but it’s not meant to be for a number of reasons. Oh well, they shall make a fabulous debut later this week for a retirement dinner at a steakhouse. :)


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