Friend Friday: Easter

What’s Easter to you?

I was born on April 12, 1981 (crap now you all know my birthday is next Thursday and that I will be 31). That was a Sunday. Not just any Sunday. Palm Sunday. I was a week old my first Easter.

My second Easter I was 364 days old. Yup, Easter was the day before my first birthday (in 1993 and 2004 as well). I have since had Easter on my birthday twice (1998 and 2009) and on Palm Sunday (1987 & 1992) and on Good Friday (1990 & 2001) a couple of times each. In 2019 my sister will have Easter on her birthday and then Easter will be on mine in 2020 (and then not again until 2093 and I seriously seriously doubt I will live to see that one – source). Nevermind any time Easter falls within a week before or a week after my birthday. My great-grandmother (whose birthday I was born on) had Easter on her birthday 4 times within her lifetime. Needless to say I strongly associate Easter with my birthday and vice versa.

My first birthday cake, and most of them since as a result, have been in the shape of a bunny. I hate bunny cakes! Inevitable coconut is used for the “fur” and I don’t much like coconut on my cake. I’m a buttercream kinda girl. And of course, conveniently, the photographic proof exists at my mother’s house. I promise to get a copy sometime!

And as for jelly beans – I hate them. Hate them! It is a texture issue what can I say? And I’m not big on a lot of other Easter candy either. For the most part I only like peanut butter eggs and Cadbury eggs. Those I adore!

And frankly my birthday, Easter candy and Deviled Eggs are the only things I have for Easter as I’m Agnostic and basically non-religious. But a time for a family celebration and to celebrate my birthday I can always get behind!

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4 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Easter

  1. Well at least you’re birthday usually involves a long weekend! My birthday’s on the 13th so I’ve had a few Friday the 13th’s which have proved rather interesting!


  2. Wow quite the family tree around Easter. I’m Atheist so I totally understand but Easter is more of an excuse to get together with family and eat good food. My family hardly ever celebrates any of its religious aspects.


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