My Week in Photos: Las Vegas Wedding Edition

Day 6 – Saturday May 26, 2012

First thing first – breakfast. We decided to eat at the Paris buffet. It was easy and simple. Oh and good too!

Paris Las Vegas Buffet

Paris Las Vegas Buffet

While standing in line a woman asked the hostess if the food was French. Say what? Um…ok…Let’s see…Belgian waffle, sausage, smoked salmon, goat cheese quiche, eggs with lox, croissant, Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise, poached pears in wine. Nope. No French here.

Paris Las Vegas Buffet

By this time it was 10 am so time to pack up and check out. We headed back to the condo.

Amazingly it was too cold to swim! Seriously it was like 77 degrees that day and cloudy! Instead we decided to go get cake and a Slurpee at 7-11 (something else we do not have in Omaha). To the infamous Freed’s Bakery!

Freed's Bakery Las Vegas

Freed's Bakery Las Vegas

Freed's Bakery Las Vegas

We ended up picking up a cake in the case – chocolate with bavarian creme filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. This was so very good!!

Freed's Bakery Las Vegas

Afterwards my brand new husband decided to take a nap and I went shopping at Coach Outlet with my mother-in-law (having figured out my error from earlier in the week once we drove past it – the entrance is OUTSIDE the outlet mall). I definitely spent.

Coach Outlet Las Vegas South

That night we saw Penn & Teller at Rio. Penn is playing the bass on stage there on the right – Brad was on the stage signing his name on the envelope and noticed him when I took this photo.

Penn & Teller stage

They were amazingly funny as always. But the best part comes after their show – they greet fans in the lobby. Teller was swamped but with Penn…

Penn Jillette & Brad

…we were able to wiggle into a spot and got a photo and an autograph! Brad doesn’t look it but he was super super excited! Penn is 6’7″…see how tall the husband is?

We also passed by all the poker tables set up as the day we left Las Vegas (Sunday May 27) was the opening of the World Series of Poker at Rio.

World Series of Poker

On our way out we had “dinner” at BK Whopper Bar. All they serve are Whoppers. All different sorts. How very Rio.

Whopper Bar in Rio Las Vegas

I honestly I felt too old for the whole place. Just too damn old. How sad is that?!

Nothing left but to sleep. I was beyond exhausted by this point too so sleep was easy and quick.

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