Daily Outfit: Ride ’em Cowgirl!

It started with the leather braided headband and the jersey cardigan. From there it wasn’t long til I was pulling out a feather necklace and a turquoise choker as well as leather sandals. I couldn’t help it. I tried brown shorts but it looked weird and the black was definitely a better choice.

So today my adult furniture arrived – a headboard & footboard as well as a solid wood Broyhill dresser. I have a Victorian/Edwardian dresser my mother bought me but frankly it matches nothing we own, has only 3 deep ill fitting drawers and is currently being used as an entertainment center for a tv and a Playstation 3. I have no idea how long – or if – we will keep it after we move from here. But I am beside myself with excitement over the new dresser. It’s so pretty! The bedframe on the other hand has to be set up by us which means it will sit there until this weekend some time. I hope anyway. I would like to get it in place and take photos of the new goods.

Soon. Promise.



Plain Teal long-line tank: Target (April 2012)
Ocean blue ruffled jersey cardigan: TJ Maxx (June 2012)
Black twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Brown strappy wedge sandals with metal discs on the vamp: Amazon (April 2012)
Brown leather braided headband: Icing (March 2012)
Turquoise & silver dangly choker: Grand Canyon gift shop (May 2012)
Long silver feathers on a chain: Aldo (May 2012)