Daily Outfit: Huh…oh and the Olympic Swim Trials!

I don’t think I like this outfit. I know where I was headed but it really needs the grungy rock concert t-shirt instead of a pristine blue one. Yep, I think that may be why I am not in love with this. And ya know I don’t own a concert tee at all (they don’t sell fat girl sizes at concerts – imagine?!) and I have looked online but I never really searched for something that I really wanted. Maybe its time to step it up. Yes, totally bought for style purposes and no other. Just how I roll sometimes. Besides I wear t-shirts. It will get worn.

Anyhow I wanted to take a minute to mention the Olympic Swim Trials which took place here in Omaha this last week (ended yesterday). I couldn’t get tickets so I wasn’t able to go. And I was really hoping I could too! I settled for watching it on TV like most of the USA. I absolutely love what has happened with swimming since Phelps showed up on the scene! People are interested! It’s amazing to watch. Check out our local paper’s photo montage.

And I love how Omaha really ramped it up. Mutual of Omaha (insurance company – a sponsor) had a large sculpture of a swimmer’s head on the lawn outside the building that included a light display. I may grouse about Omaha sometimes. I may complain that they cater to kids & young families way too much. But Omaha knows how to throw one hell of an event. We do it every year after all for the College World Series and we seriously enjoy giving out-of-towners a good time.


Blue boyfriend tee: Target (April 2012)
Green military jacket: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
White eyelet A-line knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Silver Wonder Woman cuff: H&M (May 2012)
Multi-chain dangle earrings: Target (Oct 2007)
Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlies (July 2011)

2 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Huh…oh and the Olympic Swim Trials!

    • Thanks! Glad someone else saw the same thing I did. So I decided to do something about it and checked out Torrid online. Torrid had a bunch of concert tees last month but nothing I was in love with, I was hoping they rotated stock. And they did. I bought a red KISS tee and a white comic book (Avengers) tee. Perfect shirts to fill some holes in my closet. Once I get the tees I’ll give this outfit another shot. Probably with the Avenger one.


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