Just A Few Quick Ones…

Just a few quick photos during the holidays that I would like to share…

The ingredients to make Christmas/Holiday cookies…
Christmas Cookie Ingredients

Which became these – times 5 I might add:
Christmas Cookies

I took a decent photo just after the blizzard last week. Pretty no?
Winter Wonderland

Got some new accessories for my digital camera. And these things are awesome! No seriously. Lightweight. Strong. Versatile. I highly recommend them once these become available to everyone on their website (I got in on the Kickstarter) and will probably be doing a review very very soon.
Capture & Leash

And the best gifts I received (besides my amazing camera!) – a sewing machine…
Sewing Machine

…and a Marie Antoinette action figure! Her regal attire is removable as is her head! AH HAHAHA!
Marie Antoinette

Get anything good?

2 thoughts on “Just A Few Quick Ones…

  1. Yah! Love your sewing machine! It’s a fun & handy item/skill to have! You’ll have to ask Santa for a serger next Christmas! It really complements a sewing machine like nothing else!
    The Marie doll cracked me up – nice touch with the removable head!
    You got snow too!? Super cool! We got winds of fury & Spanish Moss tumbleweeds!
    The husband & I got ourselves a Nest thermostat & lots of fun little silly stuff (& maybe I even got a few of those 5-wrap style bracelets I so adore) – otherwise our pets are the ones who made out like little holiday bandits! We loaded them up with dog & parrot goodies!
    Glad you & your family had a great Christmas!


    • Now a serger would be a great idea. I haven’t used a machine in a few years so this will be fun to figure out. ;) Not sure what I will make first. Maybe something simple like curtains or a slipcover for my vanity stool. Gotta work up to the skirts and dresses again since I haven’t made any in years.

      And the best part of Christmas (leaving aside the family togetherness and spirit of the holiday) is the fun little things! I love that pets make out like bandits…why else have them then?


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