Scheduling Your Blogging

Or rather, how to look like you’re doing a lot of blogging and/or social networking when you’re not.

First and foremost this was more of an issue last summer and before when I made an attempt to get something posted every single weekday morning. I try to take a relaxed approach now and don’t write as much as I used to. If you noticed any gaps this is why. I like writing and posting only when I want to.

With that said…nothing you see on this blog is live, except comment responses. I schedule EVERYTHING I can. It may be scheduled for 10 minutes from now or 4 days from now but everything is scheduled. I do that for a number of reasons including allowing myself to write when I want to write (and not have to do or pay attention to anything else). I then have the posts spaced out for the interest of my readers or people who click by. Yes this really means that I write-up a bunch of posts at once but only post one here and there. And it gives me a chance to do rereads and make sure the grammar makes sense! Besides I write nearly everything on my iPad (dictation for the win!) and the app requires a date and time for a post, even if you save it as a draft.

Heck I also use HootSuite (yet another app as well as a website). I do this for a couple of reasons. If I want a Tweet to post to both my personal Facebook page as well as this blog’s Facebook page I can do all 3 at the same time and only write one message. But even better you can schedule your posts/tweets. I do it frequently. Not all HootSuite updates are scheduled, but a lot are. Does that mean I am ignoring everyone just to look like I am here? Not in the least. But sometimes what works for other people, or even when I want something to appear, doesn’t work for my schedule. Like my typical Friday for example. I work 12 hours, then rush home, change and go to dinner with or at my in-laws. It may be 9 or even 10 before I get home again and I work again the next day, with a 5 am alarm. The schedule feature is a lifesaver!

Now on my breaks at work I will admit I do get on Facebook and check my email, 15 minutes is more than enough time for those time sucks. And I only have Facebook on my iPhone (my company, like a lot of smart ones, has Facebook blocked, thank the heavens!) so I can only access whatever is on the app. Occasionally I use my lunch 1/2 hour to write a post (usually just rough ideas and nothing substantial), but mostly I use it to actually eat and play Facebook games/apps. Sugar Crush and Bingo Bash are killing me. I’m spending real money on those suckers! Like dollars. PLURAL DOLLARS! The horror! Sometimes I read. Sometimes. And sometimes I say I read only so I don’t look like a total loser who just bought 2 lollipops to break-up a level and get to the next one. Ya know or read. Yeah.

And FYI I actually wrote this post last night while watching “What Not To Wear” and not this morning. Why? I didn’t want to have followers wait too many extra days between posts. ;) I kinda like you guys and don’t want to string you along! And since I’ve been doing this a long time I know I get more people’s attention when this posts at 8 or 9 am versus 5 am or 6 pm. Especially on a Thursday or Friday. So it autoposts without me doing a thing.

All that to say there are a lot of ways to do something, and blogging is one of those with a lot of different solutions, all of which I utilize as much as possible. That way I can relax when I want to relax, read when I want to read and work when I need to work.

2 thoughts on “Scheduling Your Blogging

  1. Jane says:

    It always surprises me to hear of bloggers who post daily come hell or high water. Their daily life must be frantic to accommodate that schedule.
    What weirds me out are the bloggers who feel compelled to mention when they are leaving on a vacation down to the exact dates, flight number & other pertinent info a would-be thief might like to know. Crazy bad idea!


    • The daily thing is exhausting! I can’t even imagine how people are able to accommodate that in their daily lives. Unless, of course, they have nothing else to do I suppose.

      I agree the date thing is weird and such a bad bad idea. Security people! Be careful! I have no problem posting this stuff after it no longer matters until then, forget it.


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