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Once upon a time I kept notebooks full of clippings, writings, drawings, ticket stubs and random odd photos. I was a classic, and normal, teenager. My scrapbooks just had lots of junk all mixed in and taped or glued wherever. Old school scrapbooking I guess, scraps of my life. I have always been what I would call a saver or scrapper – I save everything! Even now.

Then I became a modern scrapbooker. And a dedicated one at that. I did it for years starting just after my wedding to my first husband. This involved the properly balanced layout, pretty papers and accessories. It was expensive, as I knew it would be. And frankly it was intimidating having a 12 by 12 square piece of paper to work on. A lot of room but sometimes it was too much. I tried doing mini albums but it never stuck with me. Odd sizes were hard to store, took up too much space, and were difficult for me for some reason. Though honestly I just probably didn’t try hard enough at them. I’m also NOT an artist so I never enjoyed art books. Too much pressure and not enough talent. I am definitely a crafter and scrapbooker. I just wanted to capture pieces and memories of my life so I could reminisce whenever I wanted.

Then I got divorced and my enthusiasm for capturing my life in pictures and displayed scraps didn’t hold. I spent a good chunk of time depressed just before and after the divorce. And as a result I stopped scrapbooking altogether (I still saved scraps and photos but didn’t scrapbook and I still have some supplies that I use for crafts but I gave most of my stash away). I remained a crafter but never like when I scrapped. I tried to pick it up and did a vacation album, a wedding album about my sister-in-law’s wedding in Lake Tahoe and few other odds and ends. It never stuck. For my wedding and week in Las Vegas I made photo books. I scanned in bits and pieces but honestly it wasn’t the same.

I have really started to miss scrapbooking. But not the plastic sleeved albums. I always hated those. I am not preserving my memories for anyone but me so the whole “archival” aspect always irritated me. I want to touch some of my memories. Hard to do in a traditional scrapbook. I also really like ticket stubs, brochures and postcards all things that have never featured heavily in most (note: I did not say ALL) scrapbooks. I look at airline stubs from high school and the trip comes tumbling back.

Needless to say that means I have been side-eyeing the Smash books since they were released nearly 2 years ago. I fondle them nearly every chance I get when at the craft stores. The concept is simple – pretty pre-decorated pages in a notebook format that comes with a glue stick/pen combo. See the promotional video for more information:

Yep. Old school is new again (or maybe these could be gluebooks?!). I have even been searching online for them, for ideas, for concepts and inspiration. You name it. So finally this past weekend I just gave in and bought a book as well as a ton of extra stuff. I already own like 30 rolls of washi tape (so pretty!), might as well use them for something! I then got a bunch of photos printed and have been mashing everything together the last few days.

Smash Book and supplies

Besides the pink one (my “all about me” type of book) I have 2 more I caught on sale coming my way, one of which is the yellow International one and the one I will be taking to Ireland. I got the idea from here since I have a 7 hour plane ride home to the States as well as an overnight in NYC before actually getting home from the trip. I will have a ton of time to work on it (nevermind any down time while actually there) and since I have found that if I don’t do a scrapbook or photobook immediately after a trip I forget details and as a result am usually too lazy to do one, I’m hoping this is a good idea. More productive than reading a magazine I suppose and if I get bored I could always read a book.

Sometimes I just have to jump in and see what happens (that’s what I did the first time around). Worst case scenario I spent $40 on useless paper goods that I send on to my home-schooling sister and nephews. Best case I take up a form of scrapbooking I actually really end up liking.  I’ll make sure to post occasionally about it.

Do you scrapbook?

One thought on “Smash Book

  1. Kristen says:

    Like you I did and I LOVED it. Even got a part time job in a scrapbook store for a few years. Also like you I got divorced and lost interest. I held onto my supplies for a few years and last year I sold most of them (saved my quickutz and a few papers) and have not regretted it. I love the idea of a smash book to preserve what is important to me. I felt like for a while scrapbooking became something I HAD to do almost like a job, which I didn’t like. I always wanted it to be fun and something I wanted to do.

    I have looked at smash books and might have to give one a try. Thanks again for inspiration!


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