I Am Not a Beauty Blogger…

July 3, 2013 § 3 Comments

and I don’t seem to be much of a blogger in general lately either. Honestly I have been feeling uninspired. Not just on the blog (what you noticed the thin posts lately?) but summer in general. I just haven’t felt like genius has struck.

It certainly doesn’t help that my hands have been hurting off and on. I had a nerve test done, thinking my carpal tunnel came back. Everything is a-okay on that front. So a bunch of co-pays later I still don’t know why my hands hurt. I think it is stress from my job. Just a lot of typing and overworking my hands in a bad posture position. So I am trying to take it easy. Being uninspired certainly assists with this!

And outfits? Yeah, more of the same. Yeah, yeah. It doesn’t help that I have been cheap (at least where clothes are concerned, not so much a lot of other stuff) and I have bought very little lately. I only have 1 pair of shorts it’s that bad.

So in an effort to get myself out of this funk I have tried doing some seriously creative things.

I bought a new Smashbook in an effort to get some art journaling and scrapbooking out of me. That helped. Maybe I will share in the future. Either way doodling and glueing is helping.

I have also spent a nice chunk of time designing the two tattoos I would like to get. I currently have zero tattoos and these both are something I have been thinking about for a very long time. But it means that I spent a lovely chunk of time doing Google search after Google search of after care, tips, tricks, art and local artists, etc. When or if I ever actually get the balls to get one or both of these I promise to share. I will tell you that one is of a Celtic Heraldry “animal” and the other is a Latin phrase that I really love. I nearly got the phrase (I want it on my lower arm/wrist) as my “gateway”. I strongly suspect I will do it next week or the week after so don’t be suprised.

I have also been spending a lot of time painting my nails. Mostly I am a toe painter and not a finger painter. Not lately. I’m missing a few bottles (eh, I’m lazy about putting them back sometimes) but I have about 60 here. Which is less than I thought I had. I was so sure I had more.

Nail polish

Nail polish

Nail polish

Nail polish

Nail polish

Nail polish

Oh and I suck at getting it straight next to my cuticles so I do what a lot of people do – paint everything, shower, and scrub off anything that may have slopped onto my cuticle or nailbed. It works but is messy close up!!

Honestly I am trying everything I can think of to get back into a creative mood but I am all for suggestions!! Do you have any?

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§ 3 Responses to I Am Not a Beauty Blogger…

  • Jane says:

    Are you using a base coat first? If not, you should!
    Wipe your polish brush away from you against the neck of the bottle so not to apply too thick a layer of polish. Looks to me like you simply are applyinh too much polish at one time & it’s getting away from you & thus you end up with polish where you don’t want polish (i.e. side walls / cuticles).
    Among my many (useless) talents is that I am quite adept at all things nail polish. Waaaay more than I should actually. But that’s a whole nuther story!

    • Missy says:

      I do use a base most of the time. Some times I am flat out lazy! And yup I do put it on too thick. I get impatient. I know it and still do it! I have also read that a gap next to the cuticle is desirable but honestly I think it is stupid looking. Hence part of my reasoning for just getting it everywhere and rubbing off the dried bits. Eh. Like I said I am definitely not a beauty blogger. I have barely figured out my eyebrows and I don’t think I have figured out all that much about them!

  • Debbie from Illinois says:

    Hope you are okie dokie! :-)

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