Everybody Everywear: Color Blocking

Not my best color blocking work, but it was comfortable, not too warm and it involves some of my favorite colors. Plus I got to wear my new ring so it’s a win in my book. You will just have to ignore the wind-blown hair which makes it look like I have a mullet. A totally classy mullet of course.

So yesterday I mentioned that my fridge had died over the weekend (they are working on it now) but apparently there is now also a leak from the upstairs apartment in the bathroom! What next?! As if I had nothing better to do on my days off!

And I just realized I wore these exact same earrings last month for Everybody Everywear. Huh. Sorry just one of those days…




Purple (red-purple) long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Fan shaped, multi-pin necklace: Charming Charlies (May 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)
Round blue, green, yellow & purple crystal stretch ring: Charming Charlies (June 2012)
Brown gladiator flats: Payless (April 2012)

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

Daily Outfit: Maxi! On Me!

So I’ve been reading a lot lately, though I haven’t updated my sidebar in a long time. It’s on the to do list. I am still reading A Game of Thrones (though slowly – I hope to knock a bunch out on the plane rides coming up). I also started reading Wedding Cake for Breakfast. This is a collection of stories about just being married. Kinda like Chicken Soup but less cheesy and less religion based. Fantastic!! Have any of you out there read anything great lately? Please share! I am always looking for new things to read.

I can not believe this is a maxi dress that fits me as a maxi! This was also the first time I have worn it since buying it in March. All around I love this dress! The fact that it can crumple into a ball in a suitcase but spring back immediately also means it is a lock to take on vacations permanently. Well…at least while maxis are popular and/or this has worn out. Please please let maxis stay popular for a while longer! I am definitely in love with the look.


Navy Veronica sleeveless maxi dress: SWAK Designs (March 2012)
Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Fan shaped, multi-pin necklace: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Brown gladiator flat sandals: Payless (April 2012)

Daily Outfit: Fireworks!

This dress totally reminds me of Fireworks! I spotted it while on a recent trip to Target and I had to have it. I just thought it was too cool. However much too short to be a dress on me, le sigh. I guess I can wear it as a tunic but I would rather have it play multiple uses. And for the record I am totally taking this outfit, top to bottom, to Las Vegas. It was comfortable and light – I wasn’t even remotely warm and this was worn on a very warm day!

Changing gears did anyone catch Karmin on Leno the other night? Amy Heidemann is from Seward, Nebraska. A small town not far from here (about an hour away, just past Lincoln) that I have visited many many times (I have some family tree stuff there as well). And while Omaha (and Nebraska) certainly have its share of people that have gone out and done amazing things (Larry the Cable Guy anyone? Marlon Brando?) she is it right now. Just amazing talent! I love when someone from our little area of the world actually gets to be someone famous. Good job! Anyway I digress.



Fireworks dress/tunic: Target (May 2012)
Black denim pocketless capris: Thrifted (July 2009)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Fan shaped, multi-pin necklace: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Solid bar dangle earrings: Walmart (August 2007)

Daily Outfit: Shorts!

Stupid little piece of hair. Some days. I didn’t even notice it until I went to edit these photos. Damn it. It is always something. More stupid photos of me on the interwebz. Your welcome.

Diablo 3 came out today – technically last night at midnight but I was fast asleep at that time. We intend to pick up our copies later today. I played the Beta, never having played a Diablo game before, and loved it. I am actually excited about this! And I know that my fiancé loves that as he is the one that turned me on to it, World of Warcraft and a number of other games. He is a bad influence!

Anyone else out there geeking out on Diablo today?



Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Sheer prairie or peasant top: TJ Maxx (March 2012)
Black twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Brown gladiator flats: Payless (April 2012)
Swallow silver necklace: Thrifted (June 2011)

Everybody Everywear: Nautical

I own so little nautical type stuff – stripes especially – that I am surprised I could do this challenge this month. But I do have this navy and white striped shirt and that is where this all began. It was rather easy after that. I just wish I had an actual boater straw hat but alas this is the closest thing in my closet. And yes I do believe it is a demi-cloche as the brim is rather short in the back and much less prominent.

The interesting, and infuriating thing, about this skirt is the elastic waist band. That means I can sit it low or high depending on the outfit. However, it means that it creeps too. Sigh. Clothes. Shoes too for that matter. I had to give my new wedding shoes to my sister as I just could not get them to fit, even after taking them to the cobbler. Back to the purple/blue ones. I love them dearly I just hope the straps won’t be a problem!

I’m excited and nervous about the wedding in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I have a co-worker getting married there tomorrow and while I am definitely excited for her (especially since this is her first time getting married and mine not so much) I am excited for me too. Her being there means I get the low-down on the latest and it reminds me that my/our wedding is closer than ever. And I am having an ever increasingly difficult time trying to stop myself from talking about it! Oy vey. I fail again! I’ve just never been there, I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (oh we are doing a day trip to the South Rim) and I’ve wanted to get married in Vegas since I was a teen. Yes, really. So I’m excited on three fronts!



Navy-blue & white stripped tee: Target (March 2011)
White eyelet A-line knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Navy blue scarf: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Straw demi-cloche with lace trim: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Large teardrop cutout textured earrings: Charming Charlie (May 2012)

Natilcal: EBEW

Daily Outfit: I Suck at this Challenge!

I suck at this. I keep buying stuff! I posted 3 new pairs of shoes in the last 3 outfits I have posted (including yet another new pair of wedding shoes which I am very probably not going to wear as they are still too tight even after going to the cobbler) and this is number 4. I bought these for a reason though – to wear to walk in during the summer. They are incredibly comfortable and don’t cause my back to hurt after a time like with flip flops. I anticipate wearing these quite a lot this summer. Still. The shoe challenge was supposed to help get rid of ones I do not wear and here I am replacing all the ones I tossed! Tisk, tisk. Bad Missy *spray with water bottle* Bad Missy.

Did you know it was Stand Tall Week a few weeks ago? Yeah I didn’t either. Way to pay attention Missy. See and I thought for sure my membership in the tall women club would have made sure I knew about something like this. Oh well. At 6’2″ my height means I am approximately taller than 99.99% of all females in the USA. Eh. Just sucks buying pants. Luckily for me my trunk is much longer than proportional legs might be aka I have a shorter inseam than you would think I would have at 6’2″ (it’s 35″ if you are curious). This means that sometimes – SOMETIMES – tall pants can be too long! I’m super happy about that! But it also means that when I find a pair that works for me I wear them to death. Case in point…



Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Plain White long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Brown strappy cork wedges: Walking Cradles via Amazon (April 2012)
Indiana Jones Fedora: Thrifted (Summer 2007)
Green pashmina scarf: Amazon (January 2012)

Daily Outfit: Reading

It’s impossible to tell in the first photo but this skirt is indeed eyelet. It just got washed out/over-exposed and then the battery died on the camera. I gave up and this is what it is. But regardless of that I seriously love this outfit. I actually wore it 2 times just this last week. I foresee this skirt getting a lot of wear this summer. And definitely with these sandals! These have to be some of the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn! The wedge height is just enough that my feet don’t hurt when walking in them for lengths at a time. Not so sure they will come to Las Vegas next month but I will definitely be sporting these plenty this summer.

I just started a couple of new books – A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ( A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess), and I’m still finishing up Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain (It’s non-fiction & not funny so it will take a while). Which reminds me I should update my widget on my sidebar with the books I have been reading. Been lazy. So sorry. But these 3 books are fantastic. Especially A Game of Thrones – I can’t seem to put it down. A local author and newspaper columnist actually wrote about reading addiction. Yup. I has it. Totally.

With that in mind I’m out of here to go read. Only so many hours in the day!




Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Purple tee: Target (January 2012)
Brown double hole leather belt: Lane Bryant (April 2011)
White eyelet A-line pull-on knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Brown strappy wedge sandals with metal discs on the vamp: Amazon (April 2012)
Bee charm necklace: DIY by ME (January 2012)
Hoops: No idea when or where but at least 7 or 8 years old