Everybody Everywear: Boots

November 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

I will return to my Colorado trip highlights later today, so check back in a few hours! For now I just wanted to get this outfit posted. Interestingly enough this is exact outfit I wore for the highlight post that I will be posting later (minus the necklace as I hadn’t acquired it yet). It’s easy, extremely packable and warm enough for 50-ish degrees. I had a lot of boots to pick from but honestly I haven’t worn these in so long I really just wanted to pull them out. I adore them.





Red & Gray striped double button cardigan: Avenue (December 2011)
Plain Red long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Boot leg darkwash jeans: Lane Bryant (October 2012)
Red Dr Martens boots – Holt: 6PM (December 2011)
Silver plated Aspen leaf necklace: Rocky Mtn Natl Park (November 2012)

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Everybody Everywear: Color Blocking

July 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Not my best color blocking work, but it was comfortable, not too warm and it involves some of my favorite colors. Plus I got to wear my new ring so it’s a win in my book. You will just have to ignore the wind-blown hair which makes it look like I have a mullet. A totally classy mullet of course.

So yesterday I mentioned that my fridge had died over the weekend (they are working on it now) but apparently there is now also a leak from the upstairs apartment in the bathroom! What next?! As if I had nothing better to do on my days off!

And I just realized I wore these exact same earrings last month for Everybody Everywear. Huh. Sorry just one of those days…




Purple (red-purple) long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Fan shaped, multi-pin necklace: Charming Charlies (May 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)
Round blue, green, yellow & purple crystal stretch ring: Charming Charlies (June 2012)
Brown gladiator flats: Payless (April 2012)

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

Everybody Everywear: Neon

June 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

They say that if you were around the first time for a trend you should not being wearing it the second time. Do you think that is true? Granted I am not doing scrunchies or multiple pairs of scrunched socks but I remember neon the first time. How could I not? It was only 1990-ish. Somewhere there are very unflattering pictures of me in neon with the socks, scrunchies and…gasp…a neon fanny pack. Hey now I was 9 & 10! Be nice!

At any rate I actually really like bright colors, always have. Check my outfit log just for proof of that! The muted tones, even when in style, do nothing for me. Which means of course that regardless of the “not repeating a trend” advice out there I still intend to buy neon.

That said I now know why I was able to pick up this tank for CHEAP (read: $5) at TJ Maxx last week – it clings in all the wrong places! I had to wear shapewear to get it to lay right. And the tank straps are not ideally located so I was showing more bra strap than I prefer (I prefer none!) under that jacket. I still like the cut and it is a very very soft jersey so I will keep it for now. But if it proves ill-suited out it goes! Now the shoes are different matter all together. They make my feet sweat. And I’m pretty sure they are not flattering on me. I bought a new shoe organizer yesterday and last night when restocking I decided to toss a number of shoes from my shoe challenge early. These may end up in that pile as well. I’m doing the same to my closet. I ran out of hangers and that means I am out of space not that I need to buy more hangers (I tried that – it didn’t work – imagine?!). Oh and I intend to update my “current status” on my 1 year challenge later today. I need some inspiration and should probably wear some of the things I don’t normally wear. Except the earrings. Those are from my wedding and I am in utter deep love with them. I may wear them every day this week – and next! – just for the hell of it. :D



Neon orange & black drapey tank: Carole Little via TJ Maxx (June 2012)
Black denim pocketless capris: Thrifted (July 2009)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gladiator cuffed flat sandals: Torrid (June 2010)
Silver metal cuff choker: H&M (May 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)

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Everybody Everywear: Nautical

May 8, 2012 § 4 Comments

I own so little nautical type stuff – stripes especially – that I am surprised I could do this challenge this month. But I do have this navy and white striped shirt and that is where this all began. It was rather easy after that. I just wish I had an actual boater straw hat but alas this is the closest thing in my closet. And yes I do believe it is a demi-cloche as the brim is rather short in the back and much less prominent.

The interesting, and infuriating thing, about this skirt is the elastic waist band. That means I can sit it low or high depending on the outfit. However, it means that it creeps too. Sigh. Clothes. Shoes too for that matter. I had to give my new wedding shoes to my sister as I just could not get them to fit, even after taking them to the cobbler. Back to the purple/blue ones. I love them dearly I just hope the straps won’t be a problem!

I’m excited and nervous about the wedding in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I have a co-worker getting married there tomorrow and while I am definitely excited for her (especially since this is her first time getting married and mine not so much) I am excited for me too. Her being there means I get the low-down on the latest and it reminds me that my/our wedding is closer than ever. And I am having an ever increasingly difficult time trying to stop myself from talking about it! Oy vey. I fail again! I’ve just never been there, I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (oh we are doing a day trip to the South Rim) and I’ve wanted to get married in Vegas since I was a teen. Yes, really. So I’m excited on three fronts!



Navy-blue & white stripped tee: Target (March 2011)
White eyelet A-line knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Navy blue scarf: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Straw demi-cloche with lace trim: Charming Charlie (May 2012)
Large teardrop cutout textured earrings: Charming Charlie (May 2012)

Natilcal: EBEW

Everybody Everywear: Pastel & Being an Introvert

April 10, 2012 § 8 Comments

When I posted my Week in Photos yesterday and wrote about the new book I am reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking I got a couple of comments in return. Most notably my best friend from college who I discovered is an INFJ, something I didn’t know before. That explains a lot about our relationship with me being an INTJ.

I’ve been called cold, snobby, elitist, a bitch and argumentative. Definitely argumentative. I’m not. At least I really don’t think I am. There are so many layers and so many more ways to see everything on this planet, every single argument, every single situation, every problem. There are just so many solutions that lots of people do not see, do not think about. And I really have to see all sides of things. It helps me get to the root of whatever I am looking at. It helps me make a decision. Which annoys my fiancé so completely! He sees everything in black and white. I see the value in that but for me knowing there is always more means I have to dig deeper. It’s who I am.

For example our most recent issue. We needed a piece of luggage to check (we never check but the wedding calls for more stuff to be brought on the plane) and a garment bag for our wedding attire things. I found the perfect piece of carry-on luggage for me which includes an optional garment bag section which folds away when not in issue. Perfect for future uses. This suitcase is sweet and solved the garment bag problem easily and I was due for a new piece of carry-on baggage anyway. For the check bag problem I figured that we would buy Brad a new piece of carry-on and use his old carry-on as the check. We avoid checking whenever possible. Hate it! And would likely never need a piece of check luggage in the future. But all he saw was – we need a check piece buy a check piece. He didn’t consider the other options. Lots of people wouldn’t. It’s definitely normal. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m pleased as punch with myself for seeing this solution. And he now has a Cadillac for a his carry-on. A real beauty I can’t wait for us to take on the road after our wedding.

Anyway back to the book and being an introvert (not just my Myers-Briggs). She starts out describing the extremely extrovert business world, business school, advertising, etc. how our culture (the USA’s that is) values extroverts and how introverts have no place. She right. I hate that she is right but we have to be fake extroverts whether we like it or not if we want to get ahead.

I am so not an extrovert. I am almost a true introvert. I spend a great deal of time in my head. I like it in there. I am my own best friend. And I’m not really interested in pretending to be an extrovert. It’s too energy draining. Every night I have to go home and recharge from the day, from all the people, from work. I spend whole days by myself where I don’t have to be “on”. I can’t imagine having to do more. It would kill me.

Which means of course that is what I think about incessantly after a meeting – did I do enough? Did I speak up enough? Did I say the wrong thing? Ad nauseum until I find something else to obsess over. And there will always be something else to obsess over.

Oh and about the outfit – I own so little pastel I am surprised I had this and could participate in Everybody Everywear today.



Green prairie top: Avenue (June 2008)
Powder Blue cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Pink floral flip flops: Payless (April 2011)
Swallow silver necklace: Thrifted (June 2011)
Teardrop Earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)

Image 4554

Everybody Everywear: Green!

March 13, 2012 § 10 Comments

The challenge? Green.

I could have dressed in head-to-toe green. I thought about it. I nearly did it. Green is my fiance’s favorite color. Like FAVORITE FAVORITE color. He lavishes my green eyes with praise. Our bedroom and bathroom are both green. He has only green pens at his desk. He dresses in head-to-toe green often. He has these super bright neon color green athletic shoes that he loves. He loves green. I’m not that wild about it myself. Not at all! But I do like it – it is my second favorite color after red-orange, followed closely by purple or red-purple.

Anyway. Needless to say doing a green challenge wasn’t actually a challenge. I could have done the easy route. I didn’t want to. I wanted to challenge myself. So I did one thing that I love but never do – I colorblocked. It’s a difficult thing for me but since it’s actually been trendy for a while it has been much easier finding plus size clothes that will work. Usually I’m stuck with a lot of neutrals.

And it is super warm today! The high is supposed to be 78. CRAZY! So I knew it was safe to break out these brand new capris I just got on sale last week. What do you think? Did I do okay? I think I should have done something with the bolero/cardigan to emphasis my waist (or worn a belt) since this button down is so boxy. But other than that I am very happy with it!

Incidentally I’m Irish (actually half German, half Irish but I digress since St. Patty’s Day is approaching – I do the German thing in September/October). Matter of fact I was playing around with the Ancestry.com iPad app last night and discovered so many neat things about my ancestors. Granted my maternal mother’s line has already been traced by a great-uncle of mine back to the 1300s in Germany so I know all about them. I was instead following my maternal father’s side and discovered which ancestors it was that hailed from Ireland. My great-great grandmother Jennie actually. Though I don’t know where since all I found was the census record which listed her place of birth and I’m not sure of her maiden name without doing actual research (this was just stuff that popped up after I put in the little information I knew from her headstone). It didn’t take long for me to be enraptured. But then again I always have been. I have some fascinating individuals in my tree and would love to explore them more. Maybe one day.


Purple (red-purple) long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Green cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Blue capris: Lane Bryant (March 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Grouped Multichain necklace: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
Hoops: No idea when or where but at least 7 or 8 years old


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Rant Against the Criticism oh and Everybody Everywear: Pink & Red too

February 14, 2012 § 6 Comments

I never go through my stats. Well, hardly ever. I don’t make money on this blog, I don’t get free things from companies nor am I am looking to make this into a career – this is a hobby plain and simple. So I don’t care what my numbers are. I started the blog as a creative outlet and years later I started blogging my outfits to further my creative outlet. It forces me to get dressed some days (I have a lot of days off in a row from my job each week and I don’t always need to leave the house). I also know I’m overweight and I buy nearly all my clothing at common plus size stores. I try to find style in those stores but it’s not easy. Fashion doesn’t exist for plus size so you make do with what you can. Especially in my life. A lot of what I wear isn’t particularly creative or different but I do live in Omaha, Nebraska so I won’t be as fashion forward as say New York or LA.

Now Omaha is a fantastic little town but I am not that cheerleader. Talk to Megan (Princess Lasertron) or Sarah (Fash Flood) for that. I like living here but I still miss living in Colorado 16 years after my family moved to Nebraska – longer than I ever lived in CO. And we definitely are NOT “in the dark” where fashion is concerned. But refer back to the fact I’m plus size. Megan doesn’t even make dresses in my size. Nevermind the average joe on the street looking at you funny for some fashion get-ups (in a sea of work out clothes & sweatpants this happens). And I, personally, don’t live in the fashion realm. I don’t have anything to do with any of that. It’s not my career at all. Sure it’s amazing but again, not for me career-wise. I just have a passing interest in it. My clothes reflect that. I wear what I wear for my life. However boring and normal in the middle of the Midwest it is.

So when I decided to go through my stats and found that I was linked on a talking-shit blog making fun of me it hurt. For the most part the ones talking about me were nice but a few were not. Nowhere near it. Clown shoes were mentioned. Yes I wear a 12/13. Deal with it. I am sure that I am also a foot taller than the ones criticizing my shoe size. It’s called biology (my mother is 5’8″ and my father is 6’6″ – I have a brother who is 6’7″). Yes I am overweight, but even when my BMI was *exactly* what it was supposed to be for my frame and height I wore plus size clothing. It’s how I’m built. Yes, I need to lose weight. But I am in excellent health (seriously my doctors are floored with my numbers including my cholesterol levels and my blood pressure) and this is who I am right now. Part of the reason I started blogging my outfits was to give me courage and convictions about being myself. I have to live with me, no one else does. I have to be happy with who I am.

So you don’t think I dress cute? Move along, don’t stay. You think I’m a “fat pig”? Move along. The only reason you would say something like that is to make yourself feel better. You just want to sit there and make fun of me? MOVE ALONG. Don’t you have something better to do? That truly shows your character now doesn’t it? Remember the old dating adage: “if someone is nice to you but not nice to the waiter they are not a nice person”. It applies to you as well. Mean girls never change and this reflects on you, not me. I’m not saying you have to like me or my style (or lack thereof) or anything else but making fun of me crosses the line. Go and haunt somewhere else. The internet is a big place I’m sure you’ll find somewhere where people can tear you down for your own imperfections.

(ETA: Interestingly enough a local columnist/author wrote an article today about Melissa McCarthy and why she is fabulous – it highlights some things I mentioned here. Great read!)

With that aside this is Everybody Everywear day – Pink and Red. My troubles started with my red boots. It was snowing and cold yesterday (incidentally if I look cold in the photos it’s because I really really was and I haven’t perfected the “blogger not looking cold” look!). I was going to wear the boots regardless. And because it was cold I couldn’t wear certain pink or red pieces – they weren’t warm enough. That messed up my color scheme. I didn’t have a vibrant enough pink to go with the red sweater & boots. In the end I made do. I feel like this outfit is lacking though and I just can’t put my finger on it. I’ll stew about it a bit I guess.

Happy Valentine’s Day BTW!!


Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Red Paisley Victoria Dress (worn as a shirt): SWAK Designs (March 2011)
Red grandpa cardigan with pockets: Thrifted (December 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Red Dr Martens boots – Holt: 6PM (December 2011)
Pink floral gem necklace: Torrid (April 2011)
Large cut-out metal disk earrings: Payless (August 2011)


Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Everybody Everywear: Black and White

January 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Honestly I know this challenge is a challenge for some people but not for me. If you’ve seen any of my outfits you would know that much I hope! So instead I challenged myself to wear something I don’t usually or have never worn. Hence this skirt and these boots. I love the boots, very much so, but they are rubber rain boots and with my surgeries these last 4 months I never wore them but once, right before, as they are difficult to get on with one hand. And now that I’ve had use of my both my hands it hasn’t been rainy or snowy enough to wear them. :( That’s not going to stop me though!

As for the skirt I thrifted it last month and this is its first appearance. It’s double-sided – you can see the black and white polka dots side peeking out the bottom as it has a ruffle – and I totally intend to wear it that way soon. But this side appealed to me today.

To change gears a bit this next month is going to be insane and I just need to blurt it out somewhere. We are getting married in Las Vegas in May and aside from our dress (my ensemble and his casual attire) and the company we have contracted with for the ceremony/photos everything else is up in the air including reservations for the reception restaurant (we know where I just haven’t started the process for the group reservation), hotel (not sure on this yet though we have some definite choices) and airfare accommodations (though we know we are flying Southwest we haven’t booked yet) as well as activities to do there. Except we are lining up the Grand Canyon trip information tonight. Basically what I’m saying is that in less than a month (probably by the end of this month) everything will be set in stone and paid for. Deep breathes. Deep breathes. I get anxious spending a lot of money all at once, especially on something like this.

But it should be so much fun!! I wanted to do an Elvis ceremony at Graceland (and have since I was a teenager) but it got vetoed so we are doing something else equally as cheesy (in my book anyway). My co-worker however is also getting married in Las Vegas – 2 weeks before me and she is doing the whole Elvis thing. I’ll just have to live vicariously through her wedding! And I found out yesterday that this same co-worker and a co-worker of my fiance’s are actually besties. He works at a massive company (around 5,000 employees) and I work at a rather small one (around 100-ish employees) so the fact that a close co-worker of his and mine are good friends just blows my mind. Giant small town I live in I tell ya. At any rate I’ll definitely share more details about my wedding once some things have been finalized – I’m just freaking out about doing it!


Black pullover long sleeve sweater: Thrifted (dunno…I think at least before 2007)
Black & white double-sided pull-on skirt: Thrifted (December 2011)
Plain Black Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Black Aussie Dogs lace-up rainboots: 6PM (September 2011)
Long (all the same chain) Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlies (July 2011)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)


Honestly this outfit began with another set of black heels/pumps but I wanted to be comfortable as the rest of the outfit is like wearing super comfortable pajamas. Then it shifted to my new Christmas black boots. Except they sent me the wrong size! The box is correct, the size is not and they don’t fit. I am very very sad about that I assure you and I will be seeing if they can send me the proper size. But my eyes fell upon these and since I hadn’t worn them in a while I knew these were perfect.

I hope the whole thing together doesn’t scream mid-1990s too much though.


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Everybody Everywear: Sparkle!

December 13, 2011 § 6 Comments

I love December when it comes to shopping for something that’s been on my list awhile – this sequin t-shirt. I just knew that with the holidays approaching I would be able to find one and at a good price too and I was right. Cost a whole $15 and considering I had to buy it new (no way would I have ever found one of these thrifted in my size) $15 isn’t bad at all. The Everybody, Everywear challenge this month gave me a great reason to pull the trigger.

And December allowed me to get the other thing on my list – my wedding walking shoes. Everyone has asked what our colors are. I always say glitter! I mean it is Vegas after all right? But due to distances and walking time I needed to make sure I also had some slip on flats besides my BAM! Pretty heels (yes that’s what I am calling them! It’s not just a blog title!). Hopefully I can break them in a bit before the wedding which is why I am wearing them!

I will freely admit I only wore this for the photos as I intend to wear it to at least one Christmas celebration. I work Christmas Eve and the gathering in question is immediately after I get off work so I can get away with the pants and shoes at work which just leaves me with changing my top. Easy Peasy.

And I won’t say this all the sparkle I own all on at the same time – it’s not. I own *way* more than this. I love glitter!


Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black sequined tee: Avenue (December 2011)
Silver/Gray short sleeve cardigan: Thrifted (December 2011)
Black slacks: Lane Bryant (Dec 2010)
Silver glitter flats: Lane Bryant (December 2011)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)
Multichain flower/sun burst offset crystal charm chocker: Torrid (2009 – though I can’t remember when exactly)


I seem to remember wearing this necklace in a few outfits but I just went through my entire database and I’ve never worn it in photos posted here. Huh. Strange. I actually wear it often enough too. Oh well. I guess making its debut…


Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywear

Everybody Everywear: Colored Tights

November 8, 2011 § 10 Comments

Well my right carpal tunnel release went perfectly smooth yesterday though I am in so much freaking pain! And since I’m right handed I’m having trouble being on a computer. I can be on my iPhone just fine but being on a computer is awkward.  So posts may get a bit thin on language (though I did prepare a number of posts where I won’t have to add much before publishing).

In hindsight I should have stuck a belt on this outfit. Maybe a scarf too. Oh well. But I did learn one thing from this: I HATE THESE TIGHTS! It’s not that they are sweater tights, that isn’t the issue (matter of fact very warm and I liked that part of it), it’s that they weren’t tall enough (may have been how I adjusted them, I don’t know till I try again) and they FELL OFF half way through my pictures. Just slid right off. I waddled into my apartment with them around my knees. Really? Now I know I will have no choice but to wear Spanx over these if I want to wear them. Pain in the ass I tell you. Pardon my language. Being sweater tights though…well I just may wear more skirts in the winter if I can get some of these that actually fit okay. I always stick with the jeans because I get cold easy. But maybe with these that won’t be the case. I do think I may order a few pairs (or will request a few pairs for Christmas!) of colored tights from We Love Colors though. Last year I was not brave enough to try all the color – not so anymore!! And I keep buying skirts & dresses to wear.

Oh and like the boots? I went to Avenue to get colored tights once I knew what the EBEW challenge was going to be and these just jumped into my arms and out the door. Exactly like what I have been searching for.


Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Dark Gray sweater coat: Lane Bryant (Dec 2010)
Reddish-Purple Sweater Tights: Avenue (November 2011)
Lace up heeled tan leather boots with fold over tops: Avenue (November 2011)
Art Deco crystal shoe clip style necklace: Forever 21 (Sept 2011)



Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights

Everybody Everywear: DIY – Rhinestone Headband

October 11, 2011 § 6 Comments

I make a lot of my own jewelry. As of late it’s been simple stuff like fixing a chain or stringing a charm. But I know how to make (and have done so) chainmail, lots of different seed bead designs, loom working and even some metal working. It’s just a hobby. I never make anything to sell. But it’s fun and creative and I’ve been doing it since I was 10 or so and made a pair of paperclip earrings everyone at school made fun of me for. It upset me at the time but I just choose to think I was ahead of the curve. Anyhow…

I stumbled upon this some months back:

From Shopbop via Pinterest

And I fell in love with it. So much so that I wanted it for my wedding instead of a tiara or anything else on top. But at $130 no way, no how. It’s actually very easy to make so I just made my own (though I didn’t space it well or adjust it enough for the photo – sorry about that!).

DIY Rhinestone Headband

What you need:
Rhinestone cup chain (I found mine at Walmart and at Michael’s)
Cup chain connectors (mine came with the cup chain)
A thin elastic hair band or headband
Jump rings
Multistrand tab clasp with the clasp (hook & eye plus all jump rings) removed
Pliers (specialty or needle-nose)

DIY Rhinestone Headband

1. Determine the length of the cup chain you need and cut to that length
2. Attach the cup chain connector to each end of the length of chain
3. Using a jump ring (or 2 just to be safe and secure) attach the connector to a spot on the multistrand clasp
4. Attach all the strands to one multistrand clasp
5. Attach each strand in order to the other connector making sure not to cross your chains or connect out of order
6. Cut the elastic hair band and secure a tight knot on the end of the clasp
7. Adjust length accordingly and tie to the other clasp end, making sure that everything is straight
8. Adjust and trim excess

DIY Rhinestone Headband

See! So very easy!! And way cheaper than $130 – mine cost $14 total. I think it is going to look fabulous on my wedding day!

And for some reason when coming up with this headline I started singing Rhinestone Cowboy in my head! :D

I thought about linking Glen Campbell but WHY? when I can link the Hoff instead!!

DIY | Everybody, Everywear

Everybody Everywear: My Protest to Plus Size Retailers

September 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear Plus Size Retailers & Designers (and everyone else),

I know I am a thick plus size chick. Trust me. I know this. I do have to buy my clothes and when I buy online I have to buy using my measurements. I get it. I also get that I’m tall and need a rather long inseam. I get it. What I don’t get is why Plus Size clothes are so far behind trend sometimes.

I had the dough and the inclination to buy colored pants* for this challenge but couldn’t find any. There are leggings and athletic pants, sure. But no pants, no jeans, no actual bottoms. I take that back I found one pair at Fashion Bug but they are a couple inches too short. I could work with that except I found them too late to order online (for this challenge) and they didn’t have them in store. But otherwise I checked all my familiar haunts (both online and in store where possible) – I had barely enough time to get something shipped to me:

Go ahead click on them. Do you see any colored pants*? Nope. None of those.

Of all my retailers only Forever 21 had some – all of which are about 5 or 6 inches too short. And Avenue had a few but no colored denim and nothing in pink or purple or teal or any other amazing color. And nearly all of their colored choices are capris. I don’t need any more capris. Especially in September. I wanted colored pants that are actually pants, like to I could wear them this fall.

Apparently this is too much to ask.

So Plus Size designers and manufacturer’s why are Plus Sizes so far behind on trends? Yes, we catch up about a season or 2 late. And it’s gotten better over the years, we used to be a full year behind, but what gives?


A disgusted patron who was just looking for some trendy pants

I’ll get over it. It’s cool. I’m just frustrated as this was one thing I actually wanted to buy right now. I will wait. It’s not like I have a choice I am built like I am. But please catch up on trends!! I’m sick of having to wait!

*just to clarify when I say “colored pants” I am talking about anything outside the realm of black, tan, white or olive preferably something orange, green, pink, blue or purple since those are hot!

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

Daily Outfit: My Uniform

August 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

So I have a story to tell you all:

Today is Everybody Everywear: Pattern Mixing and as you can see I am not participating this month.

I wanted to! I really really wanted to but I just don’t own enough patterned items. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. I have a floral romper, 3 striped shirts – one of which is a sweater and only the sweater shares any of the same colors as those in the romper, conveniently the romper and the striped sweater are colors I don’t buy much of and match none of my other clothes,  a couple patterned dresses that I could not make heads or tails of on matching with anything especially since I don’t own any patterned bottoms and for the most part my shoes are solid colored. The one classic exemption is what I was wearing here – snakeskin. Yep, it could have worked but I couldn’t find anything that really matched it, not in scale and not in color. And to top it off mixing patterns is not my thing (i.e. I’m not good at it and I don’t gravitate to it). I like solid colors & fabric textures & design. Just the kinds of things I like. As a result that means those are the kinds of clothes I own. Oh and did I mention I suck at the scale thing too? It looks more balanced when you do a smaller pattern with a larger pattern – all my patterns are just about the same size to each other. Not a lot to work with really. I am positive someone with better skills than me could do it with my clothes but I couldn’t. I failed.

I literally have a large pile of clothing on my bed from trying on several outfits this morning trying to get something to work. Nothing ever did. Oh well, it’s okay. I’ll participate next month. :D And I keep pushing for shoes and they never get voted in. Darn it.

So today I’m showing you my “uniform” as of late. Boring isn’t it? Yep. It’s making me snooze just looking at it. Don’t get me wrong it was comfortable and all that but not extremely interesting. Swap in a button-down for the jean jacket and different shorts or capris for those that I am wearing and you’ve got my outfits for the last 3 weeks. I’ve got one more like this photographed and then I’m done wearing them!

D-O-N-E I say! Next week I am getting creative. I’ve had it with this bs.

Oh and the capris? When I was going through my closet trying to find something for EBEW I pulled all my bottoms out and went through them one by one hoping to spot something and I stumbled on these. Totally forgot I even owned them. Kinda like shopping but better since I didn’t spend a dime! I think I might shorten them though and make true bermuda shorts out of them. Dunno yet.


Plain Blue long-line tank: Target (March 2011)
Plain White long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black denim pocketless capris/long bermudas: Thrifted (July 2009)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Snake skin gladiator wedge sandals: Avenue (May 2011)
Long (all the same chain) Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlie (July 2011)
Vintage rhinestone chandelier earrings: Second Chance/Thrifted (July 2011)


Everybody Everywear: Thrifty & Paper Doll Project

July 21, 2011 § 8 Comments

This is a twofer – both the first thrifting edition of Everybody Everywear and July’s Paper Doll Project swap. Somehow they ended up on the same day so I just used a thrifted item – in this case my $3 fedora – as my Paper Doll item and problem solved.

Point number 1 – this my third time doing The Paper Doll thing and each time I just love it! It’s so nerve-racking deciding if your dressing someone else in a suitable fashion. Further I know that I’m not big on jewelry – a necklace usually does it for me. But that’s not enough for other people so I worry that it’s too plain for them or not enough interest. And shopping someone else’s closet that you can not see has to be the most difficult part. I know I have tons of things that have not been seen here so why would anyone else be any different?

My partner this time was Alysson from Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication. And does she have style! She absolutely blew me away! And I love the outfit she came up with for me. I admit, too hot to actually wear (heat index of 120 here yesterday) but I will *definitely* wear this come fall. Seriously it has 3 of my favorite pieces in it. What could be better? On that note make sure to check out her outfit! And check out all the others participating in the exchange.

Point number 2 – Everybody Everywear, the first thrifting edition. I adore thrifting but have such terrible luck at it when trying to find clothes or shoes! I’m plus size and very tall which means anyone who is my size has to be doing the same thing I do – wear their clothes into the ground. I very rarely donate anything as I prefer my stuff to leave me only when I am truly done with it. It’s not that easy finding clothes after all! I keep trying and I do find pieces here and there but I never have much luck. Not really. But I have fantastic luck with accessories like this hat. I found it in the same collection of vintage hats that the fedora (or is it a trilby?) I posted last week came from. Several lovely selections. The kind of thing that makes you think someone’s grandfather passed away (yes when I see large very specific collections of things this is my first thought whether it is hats or teacups). In the end I bought 3 hats out of a collection of 12 or so. All fedoras or fedoras and trilbys (what is the pural of trilby? I don’t know). I don’t show them off here much, but I do love them and wear them often.

Point number 3 – like my hair? It’s another round of that “no heat curling” method that I love so much. Too bad the humidity was so high – this fell out about 4 hours later or so. But I’m still happy with it. This is a great, and very easy, method of curling. I love what it does for my otherwise stick straight hair!

ETA: and this post has been linked up to Spunky Chateau: Thursdays are for Thrifters as well! It’s now a three-fer!


Pink/purple military t-shirt: Just My Size (March 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Brown Heeled oxfords: Avenue (Dec 2010)
Indiana Jones Fedora: Thrifted (Summer 2007)
Large brass chandelier ethnic earrings: Payless (June 2011)
School boy brown satchel purse: ASOS (April 2011)


EBEW: Thrift

Everybody Everywear: Yellow

July 12, 2011 § 10 Comments

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

When I saw what actually won the poll for July my heart sank a little. I don’t like yellow. I love green and I think orange is my new favorite color (I’m still coming to terms with this since red has been my favorite color all of my life) but I really don’t like yellow. I own 2 things that are yellow – both are shoes. And one I can’t wear as it turns out it was poorly designed (for my feet anyway) and is always threatening to jump ship and make me leave it behind while I walk on! I really should just get them to move along to someone else.

That leaves this pair of shoes. And I don’t really like these. They seem to be fine so long as my feet aren’t sweaty but the minute my feet get sweaty I slid right out of them (I actually wear wide width and these are regular width). Oh well.

I nearly wore this skirt 2 months back when florals were the pick. I really like how I styled it here though. You really do notice the yellow, and since it was the pick this month I figured why not actually make it the sole focus (see what I did there – sole?! I crack me up).

Oh and as an aside – since this does not warrant it’s own post – there was a call for photos of real engagement rings on Glamour magazine’s Save the Date (their online wedding category) so I submitted mine. It got featured yesterday with a several other gorgeous engagement rings!


Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Black skirt with white stitched flowers: Thrifted (April 2008)
Yellow ruffle flip flops: Payless (June 2011)
Black and white ribbon: my craft stash
Pink floral gem necklace: Torrid (April 2011)
Gray chiffon flower earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)


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