Daily Outfit: Inspired!

I have made my decision on my first tattoo. My (birth) last name just so happens to be the name of a medieval creature once used on shields and family crests in Ireland and Scotland (though my name descended from Germany). I am going to get a caricature of this creature on either my shoulder or ankle area. I know the ankle hurts like hell but the tattoo is something I want to see if I can. I want to be reminded of the last name I had for 31 years. I’ll probably do it in the fall but I am going to start shopping for an artist soon.

Anyway on to the outfit. I would have preferred a dark brown short but alas I don’t own one and there isn’t anything on the market currently that I like. So tan it is.

The inspiration for this was from A Pretty Penny. My first thought was I had very similar shoes and I had yet to save them in the shoe challenge. My next thought was I had a white shirt I hadn’t yet worn. From there it cobbled together easily. I was asked if I was an artist while I was wearing this but I’m doubtful of that!! Either way I love it.



Olive green flounce halter dress: Lane Bryant (May 2011)
Tan twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
White silk safari button-down shirt: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Brown canvas espadrille wedges: Payless (June 2008)
Green, blue & pink sheer scarf: Charming Charlies (June 2012)
Multi-chain dangle earrings: Target (Oct 2007)

Everybody Everywear: Neon

They say that if you were around the first time for a trend you should not being wearing it the second time. Do you think that is true? Granted I am not doing scrunchies or multiple pairs of scrunched socks but I remember neon the first time. How could I not? It was only 1990-ish. Somewhere there are very unflattering pictures of me in neon with the socks, scrunchies and…gasp…a neon fanny pack. Hey now I was 9 & 10! Be nice!

At any rate I actually really like bright colors, always have. Check my outfit log just for proof of that! The muted tones, even when in style, do nothing for me. Which means of course that regardless of the “not repeating a trend” advice out there I still intend to buy neon.

That said I now know why I was able to pick up this tank for CHEAP (read: $5) at TJ Maxx last week – it clings in all the wrong places! I had to wear shapewear to get it to lay right. And the tank straps are not ideally located so I was showing more bra strap than I prefer (I prefer none!) under that jacket. I still like the cut and it is a very very soft jersey so I will keep it for now. But if it proves ill-suited out it goes! Now the shoes are different matter all together. They make my feet sweat. And I’m pretty sure they are not flattering on me. I bought a new shoe organizer yesterday and last night when restocking I decided to toss a number of shoes from my shoe challenge early. These may end up in that pile as well. I’m doing the same to my closet. I ran out of hangers and that means I am out of space not that I need to buy more hangers (I tried that – it didn’t work – imagine?!). Oh and I intend to update my “current status” on my 1 year challenge later today. I need some inspiration and should probably wear some of the things I don’t normally wear. Except the earrings. Those are from my wedding and I am in utter deep love with them. I may wear them every day this week – and next! – just for the hell of it. :D



Neon orange & black drapey tank: Carole Little via TJ Maxx (June 2012)
Black denim pocketless capris: Thrifted (July 2009)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gladiator cuffed flat sandals: Torrid (June 2010)
Silver metal cuff choker: H&M (May 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)

Neon | Everybody, Everywear

Daily Outfit: I Suck at this Challenge!

I suck at this. I keep buying stuff! I posted 3 new pairs of shoes in the last 3 outfits I have posted (including yet another new pair of wedding shoes which I am very probably not going to wear as they are still too tight even after going to the cobbler) and this is number 4. I bought these for a reason though – to wear to walk in during the summer. They are incredibly comfortable and don’t cause my back to hurt after a time like with flip flops. I anticipate wearing these quite a lot this summer. Still. The shoe challenge was supposed to help get rid of ones I do not wear and here I am replacing all the ones I tossed! Tisk, tisk. Bad Missy *spray with water bottle* Bad Missy.

Did you know it was Stand Tall Week a few weeks ago? Yeah I didn’t either. Way to pay attention Missy. See and I thought for sure my membership in the tall women club would have made sure I knew about something like this. Oh well. At 6’2″ my height means I am approximately taller than 99.99% of all females in the USA. Eh. Just sucks buying pants. Luckily for me my trunk is much longer than proportional legs might be aka I have a shorter inseam than you would think I would have at 6’2″ (it’s 35″ if you are curious). This means that sometimes – SOMETIMES – tall pants can be too long! I’m super happy about that! But it also means that when I find a pair that works for me I wear them to death. Case in point…



Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Plain White long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Brown strappy cork wedges: Walking Cradles via Amazon (April 2012)
Indiana Jones Fedora: Thrifted (Summer 2007)
Green pashmina scarf: Amazon (January 2012)

Daily Outfit: Reading

It’s impossible to tell in the first photo but this skirt is indeed eyelet. It just got washed out/over-exposed and then the battery died on the camera. I gave up and this is what it is. But regardless of that I seriously love this outfit. I actually wore it 2 times just this last week. I foresee this skirt getting a lot of wear this summer. And definitely with these sandals! These have to be some of the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn! The wedge height is just enough that my feet don’t hurt when walking in them for lengths at a time. Not so sure they will come to Las Vegas next month but I will definitely be sporting these plenty this summer.

I just started a couple of new books – A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ( A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess), and I’m still finishing up Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain (It’s non-fiction & not funny so it will take a while). Which reminds me I should update my widget on my sidebar with the books I have been reading. Been lazy. So sorry. But these 3 books are fantastic. Especially A Game of Thrones – I can’t seem to put it down. A local author and newspaper columnist actually wrote about reading addiction. Yup. I has it. Totally.

With that in mind I’m out of here to go read. Only so many hours in the day!




Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Purple tee: Target (January 2012)
Brown double hole leather belt: Lane Bryant (April 2011)
White eyelet A-line pull-on knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Brown strappy wedge sandals with metal discs on the vamp: Amazon (April 2012)
Bee charm necklace: DIY by ME (January 2012)
Hoops: No idea when or where but at least 7 or 8 years old

Daily Outfit: iPhone Musings

I am always greatly amused when I see iPhones (and iPads) in TV shows and in movies used incorrectly. For example in last week’s episode of Fairly Legal the main character of Kate was supposedly speaking to someone on her’s. She turned and the audience got a brief flash of the home screen. Not the phone call screen. Later she was on Facebook on her iPad and we get a brief flash of a home screen of a base model (aka right out of the box). While watching Jane By Design they showed a text on the screen of her iPhone and the date was very very wrong (it was mentioned later in the episode). Clearly someone forgot to alter the date from the time filmed (sometime in July) to the “corrected” date. I’m not sure if it’s difficult to fake an iPhone being properly used in movie scenes or not but realistically Apple does a lot of Hollywood promotion and product placement, you would think they had figured it out enough that the audience would not notice these issues.

Incidentally I work in security and I notice these same issues with security procedures and with security systems. All for Hollywood I guess.

On a related note I also stumbled on this. I wonder what each says about the person that it belongs to (besides the fact they never check email, answer their phone or return messages). I sometimes wonder what mine says about me (besides the fact that I DO check my messages and email). I’m not sure about other people but I know I put my most important apps and short cuts on the main screen. Do other people do this as well?

If your curious this is my home screen. :) A little boring but I haven’t done any “housecleaning” in awhile. Might do so soon as I’m getting tired of not finding what I need.



Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Gray short-sleeve fitted blazer: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gray & blue striped tabi socks: Ichiban Kan’s now defunct online store (April 2009)
Brown Heeled oxfords: Avenue (Dec 2010)
Multilevel drapy chain necklace: Forever 21 (October 2011)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)

Daily Outfit: It’s My Birthday

I’m 31.

Gosh where did the time go?

It just seems like yesterday I graduated high school, lived in Colorado, went to elementary school. Some things are still so fresh in my mind. It’s true what they say time certainly passes much faster the older you get. And now I am solidly in my 30s. Very solidly. And yet I have no complaints. I am very happy with where I am. I can remember breaking down at the concept of being a 26-year-old divorcee. Eh. No big deal. Not anymore.

Tonight we are having dinner at Kobe Steakhouse. One of those Benihana type of Japanese restaurants with the grill tables. They moved into their new location a few months ago and we haven’t been there since Brad’s birthday in October when they were in their old location. Time to check out the new digs. And Saturday is the bridal shower. Lots of relatives mostly. I’m absolutely nervous (I don’t like lots and lots of people and I don’t like being the center of attention) even though I know all these people. I always have to take at least 1 breather when any of these gathers happen.

Now on to the outfit. I didn’t notice the gaping & sagging between the buttons on this shirt when I wore it, only once I was looking at the photos. So I proceeded to sew each opening closed, the buttons were already non-functional, and it definitely looks much much better. Thank god. Hope to post another outfit using this “shirt” sometime soon as I really like it. Sheer and lace. What’s not to love? And I always feel like I have to girly up this army jacket whenever I wear it. Something about it just screams BRING ON THE LACE.



Plain White long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black lace with crochet edges top: TJ Maxx (March 2012)
Green military jacket: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Lace headband: Icing (February 2012)
Single colored gemstone with bronze bevel: Forver 21 (October 2011)
Square cubic-zirconia drop earrings: Payless (Summer 2009)

Everybody Everywear: Pastel & Being an Introvert

When I posted my Week in Photos yesterday and wrote about the new book I am reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking I got a couple of comments in return. Most notably my best friend from college who I discovered is an INFJ, something I didn’t know before. That explains a lot about our relationship with me being an INTJ.

I’ve been called cold, snobby, elitist, a bitch and argumentative. Definitely argumentative. I’m not. At least I really don’t think I am. There are so many layers and so many more ways to see everything on this planet, every single argument, every single situation, every problem. There are just so many solutions that lots of people do not see, do not think about. And I really have to see all sides of things. It helps me get to the root of whatever I am looking at. It helps me make a decision. Which annoys my fiancé so completely! He sees everything in black and white. I see the value in that but for me knowing there is always more means I have to dig deeper. It’s who I am.

For example our most recent issue. We needed a piece of luggage to check (we never check but the wedding calls for more stuff to be brought on the plane) and a garment bag for our wedding attire things. I found the perfect piece of carry-on luggage for me which includes an optional garment bag section which folds away when not in issue. Perfect for future uses. This suitcase is sweet and solved the garment bag problem easily and I was due for a new piece of carry-on baggage anyway. For the check bag problem I figured that we would buy Brad a new piece of carry-on and use his old carry-on as the check. We avoid checking whenever possible. Hate it! And would likely never need a piece of check luggage in the future. But all he saw was – we need a check piece buy a check piece. He didn’t consider the other options. Lots of people wouldn’t. It’s definitely normal. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m pleased as punch with myself for seeing this solution. And he now has a Cadillac for a his carry-on. A real beauty I can’t wait for us to take on the road after our wedding.

Anyway back to the book and being an introvert (not just my Myers-Briggs). She starts out describing the extremely extrovert business world, business school, advertising, etc. how our culture (the USA’s that is) values extroverts and how introverts have no place. She right. I hate that she is right but we have to be fake extroverts whether we like it or not if we want to get ahead.

I am so not an extrovert. I am almost a true introvert. I spend a great deal of time in my head. I like it in there. I am my own best friend. And I’m not really interested in pretending to be an extrovert. It’s too energy draining. Every night I have to go home and recharge from the day, from all the people, from work. I spend whole days by myself where I don’t have to be “on”. I can’t imagine having to do more. It would kill me.

Which means of course that is what I think about incessantly after a meeting – did I do enough? Did I speak up enough? Did I say the wrong thing? Ad nauseum until I find something else to obsess over. And there will always be something else to obsess over.

Oh and about the outfit – I own so little pastel I am surprised I had this and could participate in Everybody Everywear today.



Green prairie top: Avenue (June 2008)
Powder Blue cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Pink floral flip flops: Payless (April 2011)
Swallow silver necklace: Thrifted (June 2011)
Teardrop Earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)

Image 4554